Does Breast Feeding Change Breast Size?

I got breast implants a year ago and unexpectedly became pregnant 4 months later. Now, I have G cups and I'm still one month away from giving birth. They are TOO BIG and only getting bigger. I haven't decided if I want to breastfeed or not, I want to do whatever will make them shrink faster. If I choose not to breastfeed, will my breasts shrink quicker than if I choose to breastfeed?

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Breast Feeding and Breast Size

Pregnancy is associated with significant changes in a woman’s body. These changes are especially noticeable in a woman’s breasts, where the changing hormonal environment of pregnancy has a profound impact. During pregnancy, breast size increases in response to these hormonal changes.
A variety of studies have shown that breast feeding doesn’t actually increase breast size but instead stimulates breast milk production which prevents the breasts from returning to their new baseline. The sooner patients stop breast feeding, the sooner these changes take place. This new baseline may include smaller breasts and associated breast sag.
Breast feeding has significant advantages for the newborn child and helps the developing relationship between the mother and child. For these reasons, it’s not unreasonable for women to breastfeed. The changes that occur following pregnancy are usually related to the pregnancy, not the act of breast feeding. Most of the changes that have occurred following pregnancy would have occurred without breast feeding and are related to the pregnancy itself.
It’s not unusual for women to be concerned about the appearance of their breasts following surgery. When this situation arises multiple treatment options are available to address these concerns. For this reason, it’s important to continue to consult with your plastic surgeon.

Breast Feeding and Breast Size

Pregnancy will cause the breast to increase in size even if you have implants. It will take longer for your breast to return to the size before pregancy if you are breast feeding. Breast feeding has many benefits to the baby and mother so I would recommend considering this. You can address any breast changes when you are done nursing.

Breast feed if it's right for you and your baby

Pregnancy and breast feeding will change the size of the breasts, regardless of whether you have implants. You should make the decision to breast feed based on your desires and the advice of yur pediatrician, not based on what will happen to your implants.   

Breastfeeding with Breast Implants

Breastfeeding will encourage your body to produce more milk, which could make your breasts remain larger for a longer time. However, it is important to think of the welfare of your baby, and breast milk is designed to provide the nutrients your baby needs. 

Breast feeding with implants is fine and probably does not change the size of the breasts more than the pregnancy itself.

Breast feeding is good for the child and you should consider proceeding with it, even for a short time, implants notwithstanding.  Your breasts will decrease in size when the pregnancy is over.  If you breast feed, it will, of course take a bit longer.  If the breasts suffer aesthetically because of the pregnancy, breast feeding plays only a small part in it.  There are surgical corrections for aesthetic changes that are unwanted after pregnancy.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Pregnancy after breast augmentation.


1) Studies have shown that it is NOT breast feeding that changes breast size and shape. The changes are caused by the pregnancy itself. Your breasts will shrink faster if you don't breast feed, but for the final shape and size , I don't think it makes a difference. So if you think you would like to breast feed, go ahead and do it.

2) What your breasts will look like after you are all done with pregnancy (with or without breast feeding) is really unpredictable. So enjoy your pregnancy and your baby. The worst that can happen is that you need a touch up sometime in the future, and probably not.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Breastfeeding and breast size

Yes, the breast will get smaller faster if you do not breast feed or stop early.  It is hard to tell you what the final shape of the breast will be after they shrink back down.  Remember, breast feeding is good for the baby.

Steven Wallach, MD
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The end result could be the same

Breast feeding has many benefits to the baby as well as to the mother, so I would strongly encourage you to try breastfeeding.

Having said that, I am not aware of any studies that would support quicker shrinkage of the breast whether or not you breast feed. I think that you will likely get pretty much the same final result either way.

Darrick E. Antell, MD
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Pregnancy certainly does, breast feeding maybe not

Most definitely—pregnancy changes the breast in both shape and size. Obviously the breasts get larger as they begin to produce milk in preparation for the new baby. The degree to which the breast changes is variable and is different from person to person. Some women will have very large changes and others, smaller changes.

After the pregnancy and all breast feeding have been finished, the breasts will cease to produce milk and often shrink to a smaller size than they were before pregnancy.In addition to this, they have the tendency to droop and may develop stretch marks.

Recently, there was a research study done that showed that the actual act of breast feeding and the length of time breast feeding does not directly affect the final shape or size of the breast. Meaning, they get larger only due to the pregnancy and they will typically shrink when the milk is gone; the duration of time breast feeding has nothing to do with it.

However, this is only one study and there are others more that do suggest that breast feeding for a longer period may lead to a more droopy breast when everything is done. Hence, the answer is actually unclear.

The best thing you can do is to speak with your pediatrician and gynecologist about breast feeding and then do what you think is best. In general, breast feeding is very good for your baby and I would recommend it. With regard to your breasts, wait until after you have stopped breast feeding for many months, and then see how your breasts look. If you are unhappy, talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon who will be able to help you with regard to their appearance.

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Funny how that happens.

Dear Babymama,

Congratulations! Look forward to enjoying your baby. The effect of breast feeding on your breasts is somewhat unpredictable. So, base the decision on the health benefits to your child and the effects on your lifestyle, not on the effect it will have on your breast appearance. Good luck!

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