I Have a Vision Loss (Little) and I Think I Have a Droopy Lower Eyelid is That True? (photo)

is it true how it can be treated?

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Lower lids not droopy

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The vision loss is best addressed by seeking out a full visual field examination by a board certified ophthalmologist.  There is no surgery that is required on the lower lids since the amount of rounding and scleral show is minimal.

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Not true ptosis [eye droop]

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Based on the photos you posted, you have different eye position [right eye is lower than your left eye] likely due to the underlying bony asymmetry of your eye sockets.

Such facial asymmetry is rather common, and quite subtle. Very few people will really be able to pick out this asymmetry, other than yourself, and medical professionals that are trained in picking out these issues.

If you have vision loss [blurry vision], then it would be appropriate to have an eye exam by an Ophthalmologist.

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Orbital Dystopia

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Thank you for your question and photos. It appears that you have orbital dystopia or a difference in eye socket position leading to a difference in eye and eyelid position.  I would recommend consulting an Ophthalmologist to discuss your visual symptoms. All the best.

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