Doctor Recommendation for Hyaluronidase Injections in Toronto or GTA Area

Hello, I was just wondering if there are any plastic surgeons or dermatologists in Toronto, or area, who are experienced in the use of hyaluronidase? I recently had under eye juvederm and am not satisfied with the results and would like to find someone in my area who could provide info regarding if hylaronidase is appropriate for this situation. Thank you.

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We do hyaluronidase injections at the Toronto Dermatology Centre: check out

Toronto Dermatologist

Dissolve filler with hyaluronidase in Toronto

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Try Dr. Sheldon Pollack on St Clair Ave West in Toronto. He is an excellent dermatologic surgeon. If not him, then many other excellent dermatologists, oculoplastic and plastic surgeons could help.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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