Why are some doctors "the best" at doing breast augmentations?

It seems like a relatively straight forward procedure, in what ways one surgeon can be "better" at performing breast augmentations?

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Breast augmentation

Plastic surgery is very subjective and who is to say which plastic surgeon is truly better than another.  The ideal surgeon for you depends on what qualities are important to you in a surgeon, such as experience and a certain connection you may feel with one surgeon versus another.  There are many excellent surgeons out there, but is there one who is so much better than the others in a standard procedure like breast augmentation? Not as far as I have noticed!

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Why are some doctors considered the best

This is a excellent and honest question.
First: start with training, is the Surgeon Certified by the American Board of Plastic
Second: what is the plastic surgeon experience? How many breast  augmentation does
            he/ she perform a month?
thirdly: what do patients say? 
Fourthly: make several appointments  with ONLY Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Find
            the  surgeon who you can "bond" with. If there is a bump in the road, will  
            he/she be there, ie what is their revisional   policy?
The  good news is that the overwhelmingly majority of patients are very happy with breast
             enhancement surgery and their surgeon.
The "best doctor" for you, in my opinion, is the one that meets the above criteria. It's not based on zip code, marketing, or promises.

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Why are some doctors "the best" at doing breast augmentations?

   The easiest way to make this determination is to study breast augmentation before and after galleries.  Look at the breasts that have asymmetry prior to surgery, and then look to determine the improvement after the surgery. 

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Why are some doctors "the best" at doing breast augmentations?

That's a good question. It is true that some surgeons routinely get better results than others. And it does seem to be a pretty straight forward procedure. And the surgeons that feel that way will usually be the ones with the least aesthetic results. It is an art project. Every litle detail and difference from one patient's anatomy to the next plays a role in the final result. Doctors that have an artistic vision are going to provide an artistic result.

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Why are some doctors "the best" at doing breast augmentations?

I agree with most of the posts below, but would like to add that Plastic Surgery, in addition to being a medical science, is also an art.  Not all artists are the same, nor is all works of art as beautiful as another.  Additionally, specifically for breast augmentation, it is very important that the best profile of implant, as well as size are determined for the patient to best match what she is anticipating, and when the surgery is being performed, it is very important how that implant is handled to reduce the risks of post-operative complications such as capsular contracture.  These factors can vary from surgeon to surgeon.  I hope this answer helps!

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Unlike baseball doctors do not have batting averages but certainly as in all things some are better at some things then others and some take more time planning and then executing that plan to give the patient the best result possible rather then doing everyone the same way.  Not every patient who desires an augmentation is a candidate for every approach or every size implant and those doctors who get consistently get good results are able to fully inform their patients what will give them the best result and then get that result.

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You're right ....partially

It is a fairly straight forward operation and millions of patients have had successful surgery. Some of what you are seeing is fluff. Doctors like everyone else try to attract customers with ads that promote them as "the best". Some of what you are seeing is doctor preference. Like all procedures, there are some docs who like doing them and some who don't. Those who like doing them tend to know how to avoid pitfalls and rapidly treat complications, regardless how minor. Try to avoid the showy advertising and concentrate on board certified docs who's names keep coming up when you talk with girlfriends or read online about breast augmentation. You can meet with a couple if you're still unsure. Good luck.

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Best breast augmentations

The best doctors are Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, have many years of experience, do over 100 per year, spend substantial time personally with you to mutually assess your starting point and your goals so the best implant is selected by the doctor with you, have an eye for symmetry, and perform surgery in an accredited facility and follow you closely through the recovery. 

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