Why Do Some Doctors Think Submalar Implants Look Unnatural?

Everybody has their own opinion and preferences of course, but was is yours?

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Why Do Some Doctors Think Submalar Implants Look Unnatural?

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 IMHO there are a set of aeshetic principles, of facial beauty, that I have identified and used to make people more naturally attractive for well over 20 years.  I do not believe submalar implants fit these principles and as such I do not use them.  I prefer to use malar/submalar combinmation cheek implants for cheek augmentation and have done so for 20 years.  

Fillers are probably a better option for submalar augmentation

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The submalar area can be a great area to augment.  There was a time when implants were the best we had.  Today, fillers are a better option than implants for the following reasons:

  1. Less risk of infection, injury, mobility, need for removal.
  2. Done in 5 minutes in the office.
  3. Less swelling and recovery.
  4. Easier to customize and modify.
  5. There are permanent fillers available if desired.
  6. Your face will change with time and fillers allow your treatment to change along with your face.

And that's my two cents.  Good luck in your search for information!

Submalar implants look natural with appropriate patient selection

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As with any procedure, appropriate patient selection is key.  When submalar implants are inserted in patients with submalar hollowing, they can look beautiful.  I think that it's important for a surgeon to be facile with all means of cheek enhancement, whether it be injectable fillers, fat transfer, cheek implants, etc... 

Anurag Agarwal, MD
Naples Facial Plastic Surgeon

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