Why Do Some Doctors State Ultherapy Unpredictable for Anything Other Than Eyebrows?

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Predicting results from Ulthera

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Ulthera uses bursts of highly focused ultrasound to stimulate collagen regeneration under the skin for a lifting effect, so it is the body's response to the treatment that produces the eventual result. Not everyone responds the same and in general the healthier your collagen, the better the response. This often means younger patients (40's-early 50's). The clinical trials on which the FDA clearance is based measured brow elevation from treating the forehead, because that is something that can be measured numerically. It is more difficult to quantify results from treating other areas of the face but that doesn't mean it is less effective, just harder to define the results.

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Ultherapy success is variable but predictably good in most patients

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The 'unpredictability' is not unique to Ultherapy. I think the proper word is that the degree of skin tightening can in most cases be predicted and in some may be less than expected ...

And this is based on individual ability to respond to the targeted heat that is the inciting mechanism by which high intensity focused ultrasound works in stimulating collagen production. 

Read the Ultherapy ebook provided on the link below. 

Ultherapy can work very well on foreheads, cheeks, jowls, necks, etc

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There is no guarantee that a patient will get the same good result as the average patient from Ultherapy.  There also, is not one facial area that is guaranteed to improve with this non-surgical lift, including the forehead/eyebrows. Some patient have better results lifting the jowls by tightening the cheeks, and others may see nice eyebrow lifting and not much on their jawline. There is an unpredictability as to the amount of lift with Ulthera, but certainly, old age, bad sundamage and smoking can interfere with the results as the collagen and elastic properties of the skin have deteriorated.

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