Reverse Tummy Tuck Doctors in Illinois?

I am the perfect candidate for the upper tummy tuck. Since having smart lipo(stupid)I have lumps bumps and fat deposits more in the upper abs than lower. I have no stretch marks or deformities to the lower but there are some dimples and dents that can be smoothed out when the upper tuck is done. I need to find a surgeon who will perform this like Doctor Perlman in Texas does. He somehow attaches the skin to the rib under the breasts to anchor it. This was it can't pull down the breast. Can anyone help? I need a surgeon in Illinois.

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Reverse tummy tuck is rarely indicated

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If you have attached some pictures would have helped. You should have had tummy tuck to begin with. The dissatisfaction with the the lipo is due to the wrong procedure for your case. There are many physicians that offer laserlipo to the all patients that come for the consultation because they are non-plastic surgeon and offer not qualified to offer tummy tuck.

New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Reverse tummy tucks are rare

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Because of the "Golden Gate Bridge" like scar between the breasts, the so called reverse tummy tuck is a very rare procedure that most plastic surgeons don't even consider doing. Rather than you deciding what you need with no training or experience in plastic surgery, you might be better visiting the best 3 plastic surgeons in your area and asking them what they would advise. That could save you from making another mistake like having Smartlipo.

Why not start with Dr. Placik in Chicago?

Smart lipo problems? Reverse tummy tuck

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Although your attriute your problems to smart lipo, it may have nothing to do with it. A reverse tummy tuck leaves a potentially visible scar between the breasts that you must be willing to accept.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Reverse tummy tuck after liposuction in NYC.

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We have never had to do a reverse tummy tuck after liposuction. It would be very rarely indicated. Most likely you just need skillful revision liposuction (not the smart kind!)

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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