What Do Doctors Recommend We Buy for the Post Operative Care After a BBL?

im going to be having a bbl in november and im just reading alot of other patients' lists they have.. im very nervous bec i wanna try and take the best care of myself as possible.. women are naming things such as multivatim, thick gauze, vitamin c, antibacterial soap, thermometer, baby wipes, bath wipes..the lists go on and on and on...... please help??

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What should I purchase for postop care after a BBL?

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Surgeons have different potop regimens regarding the postop care following a BBL. In my office we recommend wearing a surgical garment for the first 2- 3 weeks. We recommend applying an antibiotic ointment for 1 week to the incisions after the steri-strip tape comes off after the first week. week. You should follow your plastic surgeon's recommendation and not listen to what other people may be saying.

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