Doctor Recommendation for Phenol Peel

I cannot afford the $6,000 for the CO2 erbium laser right now. That is the tmt that I really want. I have type 1 skin, light, sun damaged, large pores. I want smooth skin again. Does the phenol peel make the pores larger? How white will my skin get? I've never seen anyone with this "white face" everyone is talking about. Can the red face really be covered up with make-up? The is a very reputable PS in my area that does this peel and everyone loves the results I am told by the office staff.

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Phenol peel

  The phenol-croton oil peel is just as good, and may be many times better, than Erbium, CO2 or fractional CO2 lasers.  The variable is the doctor's experience is performing these procedures.  It can probably be done for less than the amount you were quoted for the erbium.  See the untouched results of the Hetter Resurfacing Procedure on my website.

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Doctor Recommendation for Phenol Peel

The "phenol" peels are a time tested skin resurfacing procedure. Drs Baker & Gordon popularized it in the 70's. Yes the one downside is the porcelain colour of the skin, the line of demarcation, cardiac rhythm changes during the peeling process. Ask to see and speak to patient's of this doctor whom have had the peel. I still use it in my practice. From MIAMI  

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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