Can Doctors Perform a Test Area/small Injection when Using Fillers?

I've read post after post of doctors and patients talking about whether or not to use fillers for the under-eye area or tear trough. Can doctors inject just enough to see a bit of what it would do under the skin for that area- say close the the upper sides of the nose by the eyes? Just as to not go full force, then have weird lumpy bags or unwanted side-effects that worsen the problem. Is this possible?

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Most fillers do not require test areas.

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Most fillers do not require test areas. The old bovine collagen did because of the potential for allergy in a small percentage of people. That being said, some of my patients like to go slowly and have small ares treated for their first filler experience. This perfectly fine and allows a person to get the feel of wrinkle filling before embarking on larger treatments.

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