Why Won't Some Doctors Perform Fat Transfer?

I had a botched vaser lipo. I found the perfect Dr. for my breasts and Tummy Tuck, but he was less than thrilled about correcting a huge indent under my butt via fat transfer. Im not even sure that he is willing to try. What have I got to lose? Its not like it could look any worse. He is the second Dr. who said he couldnt help me. I did find one BCPS who will help me, but Im not so big on his TTs.

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Fat injections for a liposuction depression

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some doctors may not wish to do it because they might not think it would be effective in you because of a particular concern related to your history or examination. Other doctors may not have experience in fat injections. It certainly may be worth the try but it may not last or it might become irregularly lumpy too

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Fat transfer

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Not all plastic surgeons do every possible operation that is available. Typically different plastic surgeons have different philosphies about the procedures that they offer. Most will do what they are good at. Anyhow, fat transfer is one of those procedures that requires know how and experience to get optimal results. Also many plastic surgeons do not like to do revision. In my practice, i would have done the fat transfer and tummy tuck at the same time.

Correcting liosuction deformities

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Correcting liposuction deformities is not easy, it may require multiple procedures and may not correct the problem, you are going to undergo multiple procedures and significant expense, correction is more expensive, because it is more difficult. and you may be not happy, THEN YOU TRANSFER YOUR ANGER FROM THE FIRST SURGEON  TO YOUR NEW SURGEON WHO IS TRYING TO HELP CORRECT SOMEONE ELESE PROBLEMS.


The important part now is to preserve all the fat you have for the correction, which is going to require significant amount of fat, and multiple procedures. This can be combined with your other procedures, especially the tummy tuck because some of that skin and fat can be used to correct the problem by Dermis fat grafts to the dented area, if it is that large.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Fat injection for post liposuction irregularities

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Many doctors are reluctant to treat the complications of other doctors, especially if they feel they cannot make the patient happy.

Fat injection is a helpful technique for liposuction irregularities, but it it is not perfect, and the survival of the grafts is variable.

Most responsible doctors want to design a procedure that will make patients happy, and give them a nice before-after picture, not just take their money and make them a little better.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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