Can Any Doctors or Patients Share Results for Trusculpt?

I was thinking of getting either Cellulaze or Liposonix, but now I hear that a new laser by Cutera is a much cheaper, non-invasive and less painful alternative for fat reduction in my thighs. Has anyone seen positive results with this procedure? Or can anyone share information about radiofrequency's ability to reduce fat and tighten skin, in general?

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TruSculpt Does Give Permanent Results

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I was the first doctor in Southern California to do many TruSculpt treatments and I am seeing great results even with one treatment. I do not agree that Liposonix is more permanent because the way the fat cells are killed off is by heating them and cell death is cell death. Two treatments will yield better results than one but one definitely shows results. The great thing about Trusculpt is that it is NOT PAINFUL and with the newsest head you can treat a whole area like the belly in 30 minutes and go right back to the gym or to work with no downtime. We have proven the results with over 30 patients and we have treated over 50 since July. As far as skin tightening we are definitely seeing that effect but are in the process of measuring how much. It seems to help significantly for the inner thighs but can be used on any part of the body except the breast.

Trusculpt vs cellulaze vs liposonix

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Trusculpt is a radiofrequency treatment approved for the "temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite." In other words, the effect is not permanent as with Liposonix, which uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU.) Both are nonivasive, but Liposonix requires only a single treatment session. Cellulaze is an invasive procedure for treatment of cellulite but not fat reduction unless liposuction is done at the same time.

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