Different Doctors,different Opinions...How Do I Know Who to Listen To?

i had an eyelid op which left me with ptosis.i have had 3 ops by this surgeon.i had a prior question here which got me a cpl different suggestions.though they both suggest it's probably damaged,or severed levator tendon.problem is one says don't have any more ops for 9 months.the other suggests immediate action to avoid secondary scarring.i just don't know what to think,or who's advice is accurate there.also should my surgeon have known of levator tendon before doing 2 more ops???negligent???

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Timing of surgery

really depends on what you had done and how long ago it was done.  As for negligence, your photos would be required for an opinion there and its also possible that you, by coincidence, have developed the ptosis and would have regardless of whether or not your had surgery.  Do your homework and ask your surgeons for their logic in they recommend what they do and then choose the best for you.

Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Confused because of varying opinions

It would be useful to know which lid operations you had, when and some photos. Short of all that there is nothing intelligent I can say. Your best bet at this point, consult with an ophthalmic plastic surgeon.

Peter T. Truong, MD
Fresno Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Who to trust?

The best advice I can offer is that whenever a surgeon suggests to rush back in for another operation...the better part of valor is to question that thought process and get a second opinion.  Best bet for postoperative possible levator aponeurosis dehiscence or damage would be an appropriate evaluation by an opthamologist or oculoplastic surgeon.  And you can trust that my advice is solid because I'm referring you away from someone in my specialty.  Go to the right focused expert.  They will likely have you wait until 1 year postop prior to any further surgery but you will gain the confidence that a plan is in place for the future.

Shepherd G. Pryor, MD
Scottsdale Facial Plastic Surgeon
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