Should I Get a Second Doctor's Opinion for my Seven Year Old Daughter?

In June I had ear pinning for my daughter who has stahls ear deformity. Three weeks later a hole appeared on one side and the suture came apart. Now about 5 months later, the surgeon tells us my daughter will have to go to surgery again so he can see why the area is not healing. The area where the suture came apart has not healed and leaks fluid and crusts/scabs over. This ear is super pinned to her head as well. Please tell me if I should get a second opinion or trust this surgeon? Thanks.

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A Second Opinion is Very Helpful

Thank you for your question.  It sounds like your daughter had a Stahls ear deformity correction and has had a complication.  It is likely that one of the permanent sutures used in the correction either became exposed or infected.  There may be a localized infection in the cartilage and/or skin.  More foreign body material (suture) may be preventing healing.   I would spend some time reviewing with your doctor his/her plan in detail.  A second opinion from an Otoplasty expert would also be a good. idea.  A plastic surgeon who specializes in congenital ear problems would be a good plan.  If you live in a large city, consider visiting the pediatric plastic surgeon at your Children's Hospital.   Best wishes!

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Concerns after Otoplasty?

As you can imagine, it is not possible to give you precise/specific advice. Assuming your plastic surgeon is well-trained, well experienced, and has been diligent in the care of your daughter, I would suggest that you continue follow-up with him/her. Remember, that (unfortunately) complications do occur, even in the best of hands.

 On the other hand, for more information or simple piece of mind, a second opinion may be helpful.

Best wishes.

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 It never hurts to get a second option especially, with surgery on children. However, your surgeon is most likely correct. Your daughter most likely has developed chondritis post operatively which will require surgical debridemount/ removal. Cultures could be essential in this case. Best,



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