Pro-Bono Labiaplasty?

Im only 20 years old and am EXTREMELY subconscious about my labias. I will not have intercourse, because of how I feel and the thought of how they look. It hurts when I ride a bike, when I wear tight jeans or sit in certain positions it hurts. Does any have the heart to help me out? I don't have a co signer for financing nor can I afford it. Its depressing.

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Labiaplasty under insurance

It's worth checking out if your insurance may cover this procedure. Insurance will only cover procedures that are "medically necessary". The insurance company ultimately decides what they consider medically necessary (not the doctor), but you can have a doctor submit for authorization based on your complaint of pain with daily activities. They will not cover it to improve how they look, but pain, rashes, or functional problems may be considered medical reasons for labiaplasty.

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I agree with Dr. Placik. If there is a teaching hospital with plastic surgery residents, there may be an opportunity to have it done by one of the residents in training under the supervision of a board certified plastic surgeon. There are 4 training programs in Florida:

  • University of Miami
  • University of South Florida, Tampa
  • University of Florida, Gainesville
  • Cleveland Clinic, Weston

Good luck.

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Pro Bono Labiaplasty

You may want to consider contacting your local university teaching program and find clinics where a professor may oversee residents in training.

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Cost of labiaplasty in Los Angeles

The medical reasons to undergo labiaplasty are many, as most people perceive the procedure as purely cosmetic.  Discuss your options with some labiaplasty surgeons to gauge the cost and plan your future surgery. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Labiaplasty - Can't Afford This Cosmetic Procedure

In theory, this should not always, in my opinion, be considered a cosmetic procedure but the reality is that I don't know how successful one would be in obtaining insurance coverage.  As with all procedures, it would depend on the individual and the insurance policy.  This procedure, however, unlike something such as a breast reductions for significantly enlarged breasts, is not typically an insurance case, as you've suggested.

The best approach, though, is to go to a medical center and contact someone to see if there is a Plastic Surgery Clinic.  In general, the procedures there are performed by senior residents (doctors in training but usually within a year or two of finishing their training) and under the supervision of older and more experienced doctors.  That may be the best approach for you.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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Insurance covered labioplasty

Although labioplasty is considered cosmetic (improves normal structures) by many, it may also be a reconstructive (returns structures to normal) procedure. I have had some success in getting this procedure covered by insurance if symptoms can be demonstrated. In your case, you have pain with certain activities so that may be reasonable to see if your insurance plan will cover it.

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