Do Any Doctors Include Live Models/patients in Their Consultations?

Not to sound like a weirdo but I'm wondering if any doctors perhaps have a nurse or assistant that allows patients to see/touch their own augmentations. How my augmented breasts will look is extremely important to me but just as important is how they will feel. I'm not sure I would I be able to assess the feel other than actually touching them-which, I know, would be extremely awkward for both parties involved. Feeling an implant outside of the body just isn't cutting it. Suggestions?

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Current patients in consultations

Doctors do not include live models/patients in their consultations due to privacy issues.  If you have looked at any breast augmentation photos, you will notice that the patients' faces are not shown to protect their privacy.  In addition, no two patients are the same and the "feel" of the breast depends on the thickness of the skin, density of breast tissue, implant placement, and type of implant used. 

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Live Models for Breast Augmentation

Several of my employees have been patients of breast augmentation and other procedures in the practice.  They are often quite happy to share discreetly their experience and results.  I agree that for some patients, the ability to see and feel the result is an important part of the decision process.  This is usually discussed with and handled by my patient coordinator.  Feel free to talk to us directly.  Good Luck.

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The nurse may occasionally show her augmented breasts to the prospective patient.

In the past I have had nurses that agreed to show their specific results after breast augmentation to women that are considering the procedure. This is done in good taste and exclusively for the purpose of providing as much information as possible.

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Would be cool but unfortunately not feasible...

It would be nice but imagine yourself in their shoes. How would you feel? For sure you might have some friends that they have done breast augmentation and they might be willing to show you. Would be easier like this.The implant will feel once inside the body as it feels outside. Also you have the option to choose among different types (soft or hard ones) of implants and surgical techniques (under or over the muscle) that affect the feeling. I hope this was helpful... 

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Feeling augmentated breasts

Due to HIPPA restraints and respect for privacy, we do not allow new patients to examine other patients augmentated breasts. However, you may feel the implants to gage the softness of the implant. The silicone gel implant feels much more natural than the saline "water balloon".  You might have friends who will allow you to examine their breasts. However, every breast is different. The most naturally feeling breasts are those augmentated with fat.

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