Doctors Who Do Incisionless Otoplasty?

Just 7 weeks ago I had an otoplasty done, and I am extremely disappointed with the results... My ears STILL stick out 16 mm. I couldn't be more upset... So now I have to wait 6 months before I can do a revision, but with the noninvasive nature of the Dr Merck method could I have it done now? Or at least sooner then 6 months? Also, where can I find doctors who do this method? My surgeon had never even heard of it!

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Non invasive method after an unsatisfactory otoplasty

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Well if you didn't get your results with an otoplasty you are probably not going to get as effective of a result with non invasive otoplasty. This non invasive approach is hard to achieve what you want. The traditional open approach is tried and true to get the best results for you. Find someone that can get this done for you and want the best results for you.

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