Any Doctors Who Do Hybrid Tummy Tuck in the Maryland Area?

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Hybrid tummy tuck

A hybrid tummy tuck is not a mini tuck.

A mini tuck tightens only up to the umbilicus. 

The hybrid tummy tuck is a short incision tummy tuck which tightens all the way to the xiphoid.

It is not easy to perform, and often requires an endoscope, especially if the umbilicus is left intact.

The hybrid tummy tuck is not for patients who have a lot of excess skin above the umbilicus, not for patients who have a lot of excess skin below the umbilicus, but rather for women who have had fit pregnancies and did not have a large weight gain during their pregnancy.

We rarely perform mini tummy tucks because the bulge from pregnancy extends above the umbilicus in most women, and should therefore be tightened, especially if it can be performed through a mini tummy tuck incision.

While this office maintains the trademark of the name hybrid tummy tuck, other surgeons are free to perform a similar procedure.  Because we have experience with many hybrid tummy tucks, I am happy to talk with board certified surgeons who are contemplating performing a similar procedure on their patients. 

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Tummy Tuck in the Maryland Area

The ASPS website would be a good starting point for qualified board certified plastic surgeons in your area. Consult with 3 - 4 surgeons to understand your options.

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Hybrid Abdominoplasty

It would be helpful if you post pictures so we can give you more specific advice on which procedure would be best for you.  Most patient require a traditional abdominoplasty to achieve the best result.  However, some patient have minimally loose skin below the umbilicus (belly button) but have a rectus diastasis (separation of the rectus muscles).  In these patients, a shorter incision can be made at the level of a traditional tummy tuck incision and the muscles tightened below the skin.  If a patient has excess skin, then a longer incision would be necessary to remove the skin.


Good Luck.

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Hybrid Tummy Tuck

Hi Megan
A Hybrid Tummy Tuck is a procedure for a small subset of patients who have muscle separation above as well as below the belly button, but only have loose skin below the umbilicus.  If you have loose skin of the upper abdomen, then this is not the right procedure for you.  Short scar tummy tucks are often desired by patients.  No one wants more scar than they need.  But, doing a short scar when you really need a longer scar is what leads to Dog ears.  The more loose skin you have, the longer the scar needs to be.  Be sure to consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and allow them to recommend the best procedure for your situation. 
Good Luck
Dr Markmann 

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Hybrid tummy tuck is great for women who need muscle tightening, but don't have a lot of loose skin

Thank you for your question.  A hybrid tummy tuck is basically a mini-tummy tuck.  This removes a small amount of excess skin and tightens the abdominal muscles without a long scar.  In fact, the scar is about as long as a C-section scar.  The recovery takes about 7-10 days with pain will controlled by narcotic pain pills.  I'm located not too far from you in Lutherville, Maryland.  Please let me know if you have any further questions. 

Kind regards,

Dr. Schreiber

Hybrid tummy tuck

I do not know anyone in the Maryland area, as my practice is Chicago based.  However, the patilent that is a good candidated for this procedure will get an excellent result.  If there is too much skin redundancy a more aggresive approach may be needed.  Hope this helps.

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