How Do Doctors Handle Uneven Restylane Results?

If after a month of 1 syringe under each eye and one side has satisfactory results but the other has clearly lost it's filler and the difference between eyes is clear, do they correct for free, do they charge full price, generously reduced, or negotiable?

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More product= More $'s

Restylane and Juvederm costs are passed on to the consumer.  It is unusual that the product would be absorbed more quickly on one side of the face than the other.  Most of the time, the product fades from all areas at the same rate.  If you require more product, there will be an additional charge.  Many providers will provide for a discount if multiple syringes are used.

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How Do Doctors Handle Uneven Restylane Results?

Take a look at any before pictures to see if the lines were deeper on one side to begin with, this is very common but may be an asymmetry issue. You may need more filler applied for full correction. 

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Restylane and need for more

I do not know anyone who will just place more filler for free. If one side looks a bit flat, then you probably just need more.

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Uneven Restylane Results

Hi Cali.  There is no simple answer to this question.  It's all about the expectations that were set in treatment and what kind of relationship we have with the patient.  If the work is not up to snuff, then we will normally touch it up at no cost at our 2 week checkup.  This checkup is scheduled for all new injection patients and the reason we do it is so that we can review results, take photos and discuss the satisfaction with the patient.

On the other hand, if the patient was warned about a potential issue, if we recommended more product or for some other reason, we feel the request is unjustified we will ask the patient to pay for additional product.  Fairness and standing behind our work is key to our decision and we also expect the patient to be reasonable as well.  

Not all cases end in agreement but we do our best to come to some kind of resolution with the patient.  Perhaps in your case if we felt it was not a legitimate request, we may ask for 50% of the value of the treatment to compensate for the cost of the product.  

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Uneven Restylane results could be result of asymmetry unrecognized before the treatment

Most often, the asymmetry which is seen after filler is something that was pre-existing.  That's why photos are very important. The patient often looks at the area treated much more critically than prior to the treatment.  If indeed it is due to the filler, that all has to be negotiated with the office.  Since you are one month out, the swelling should have already subsided, but if you were only a few days out, I'd tell you to wait 2 weeks before we re-inject.  Steve Weiner, MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Panama City Beach, Florida.

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