Hyaluronic Acid from Hyacorp - Is It Safe?

I just found myself not injected Restylane but the HA from Hyacorp and as far as I know it's a German brand. Is this HA okay after all? Is Hyacorp safe like Restylane? Will 6 months be enough already for me to wait for it to dissolve just like other HA from other brands? I was injected around the amount of 0.5 cc and dying for it to be gone. I'm so worried and hurt with all of this. I'm not asking for anything but any information that will help relieve me from this situation. Thank you very much

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I know nothing specifically about this product but I do know that it is unavailable in the US.  If it is a hyaluronic acid it should be able to be dissovled by hyaluronidase.

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