Can Any of You Doctors Give Me Encouragement?

I had a total fraxel 2 1/2 months ago around my mouth to lesson a scar at the corner and ended up with skin on my chin of poor texture. Should my skin be back to what it was before the fraxel? I am devastated.

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It may take a while for the CO2 laser holes to completely fill in.

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Especially in oily skin, ablative fractional CO2 lasers may have some delayed healing of the laser hole because of the oil seeping into the holes while they are trying to heal.  Other patient may simply take longer for the skin to fill in the small laser holes after ablative CO2 fractional laser.   Care after the procedure can also make a difference.  Hopefully you are being treated by a skilled and experience cosmetic laser surgeon.  If so, he/she should know how to advise you.

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