Any Doctors Experienced with Treating Acne Scars Using Total FX Multi Layer Technique?

I am anxious to improve my acne scars. I have read about & seen a video on Total FX "multi layer technique". The technique was developed by Dr. Matteo Tretti Clementoni. Using a four layer approach, the doctor switches between Deep FX & Active FX hand pieces on individual acne scars and then treats the patient's entire face with Active FX. The alternation of lasers & multi layer treatment of deeper scars appear to produce nice results. Any doctors experienced with this technique?

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Total FX for Acne Scarring

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 Total FX is an effective treatment for most acne scars. it is important to have realistic expectations when treating acne scars . More than one treatment may be necessary.

 There is nothing special about a multi-layered technique. By definition, Total FX refers to the combination of both Active FX and Deep FX, each of which can be used in one or more passes depending on desired results.

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Total FX laser for acne scars

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Total FX is a CO2 laser treatment that always uses both Activ FX and Deep FX handpieces in a layered approach. Generally the Deep FX handpiece is used fist. Each handpiece can be used in a single pass technique or in an automatic or manually adjusted double pulse technique thus giving a "four layer" or more treatment. I generally tell my patients that even with a multi layer approach those with the worst acne scars will nedd at least two and sometimes three treatments to get the best results. Remember that while we can almost always improve the skin, it will never be "perfect" or without some remnants of the acne scars.

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