Why aren't more doctors anxious to become experienced in African American rhinoplasty?

Almost every website I visit, the pictures are the exactly the same; someone is getting a bump shaved off of their bridge. I've seen some extremely skilled docs in wide nose reduction, but very few. Why aren't more doctors anxious to become experienced in African American rhinoplasty? Are any doctors here skilled enough to produce a before and after like Oprah's or Patti Labelle's?

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There are many of us who do ethnic rhinoplasty-look again.

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Those of us who live in areas with a large African-American or Hispanic population do many ethnic rhinoplasties. Ask your doctor to show you non-caucasian rhinoplasties. In these noses, as well as Asian noses, we often increase the height of the bridge and decrease the width of the nostrils. This should be done in such a way as to retain the ethnicity of the nose. In other words, we don't try to make a Black nose into a caucasian nose.

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A nose is not a nose is not a nose

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College Girl,

As a percentage, African Americans comprise a small number of the rhinoplasties performed in this country every year. It is a basic tenet of advertising that your ads target the greatest population that is likely to respond. For rhinoplasty, that population is the caucasion with a large hump on the nose. It is also very easy to show a nice result with this kind of rhinoplasty. For these two reasons alone you may not see many African American rhinoplasty photos online. Good luck!

African American Rhinoplasty...Halle Berry Versus Michael Jackson

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Hi College Girl,

Rhinoplasty is the most difficult of all facial plastic surgical procedures. Ethnic rhinoplasty can be the most difficult of rhinoplasty procedures. There are many doctors who perform excellent, natural appearing African American rhinoplasty. Every nose is different, must be carefully examined, and a surgical plan must be carried out with skill and a sense of nasal aesthetics.

When performed properly, the nose may look like Patti Labelle's, Oprah's, and Halle Berry's. When performed with poor judgment you get Michael Jackson's nose.

In the Houston area, I like doctors Russ Kridel, Jack Gunter, and Sam Lam.

Good luck and happy holidays.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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African American Rhinoplasty

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Yes it's true - there is a bias to Caucasian rhinoplasty. Most surgeons prefer to do a Caucasian rhinoplasty because it is easier. Also there are more Caucasians seeking rhinoplasty than African Americans. However, there is a large and ever - growing population of African Americans that are seeking out surgeons that perform African American rhinoplasty.

Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS
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The African American experience

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Hello and thanks for your question.

Ethnic or African American rhinoplasty can be a particularly complex procedure. I have found that the key to this surgery is to provide aesthetic harmony or balanced features to my patients. A BCPS will perform a thorough examination and must also delineate your specific goal, the "look" that you're trying to achieve.

Oftentimes the AA rhinoplasty will involve the use of multiple cartilage grafts to the tip, bridge, and sometimes the nostril rims. A reduction in nostril size and control of flaring nostrils can produce dramatic results. Some AA patients may be septal cartilage- deficient  and require rib cartilage grafts for their nasal reconstruction. A potential  keloid scar at the chest wall donor site may be problematic.

Many surgeons particularly enjoy the challenge of these cases but may not have had as much experience with the ethnic population. So the short answer is yes great AA rhinoplasties can be achieved by a skilled and interested surgeon. 

AA rhinoplasty

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I agree most doctors are not comfortable doing AA rhinoplasty and have very trainig and experience

Dr G

Anthony C. Griffin, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Experienced African American Rhinoplasty Surgeon

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The number of African American patients seeking rhinoplasty has increased dramatically over the past 20 years. This has allowed many of us to acquire a lot of experience. Some of the challenges associated with African American noses such as thick skin, poor tip support, and wide base may result in some surgeons not performing the procedure.
As with any procedure, I would encourage you to interview several rhinoplasty surgeons to find one, that you feel comfortable with.

Brian Maloney, MD, FACS
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon
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African American Rhinoplasty

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After performing thousands of Rhinoplastys through the years I believe that I can produce results that will make you love your nose. It is important that the nose looks amazing and matches your face. If you would like to have a consultation please contact us.

George T. Boris, MD, FRCS - Account Suspended
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Why aren't more doctors anxious to become experienced in African American rhinoplasty?

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Ethnic noses are much more difficult to do and get a good result than Caucasian noses. The skin is usually very thick and the nostrils very wide. Current techniques do not address the ethnic noses in such a way to achieve a very good to excellent results. One needs to be bold and innovative to be able to go beyond what is norm to get a natural and proportional nose. Also, it is more dramatic to show a picture after a big hump is removed.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

Is there a shortage of Surgeons performing African-American Rhinoplasty?

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This may be an accurate perception. Ethnic Rhinoplasty surgery is a niche withing the niche of Rhinoplasty surgery. Not every plastic surgeon is versed or deeply experienced in Rhinoplasty due to the breadth of the specialty. Nonetheless, at least in urban centers, there will be surgeons who have performed a significant number of procedures on ethnic minorities. Best of Luck   Dr Harrell

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