Doctor, Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist: Fractional CO2 Laser?

I know that I'm a good canidate for facial fract. co2 laser so far. Skintype is type 2-2,5. But what 2 choose: a doctor (drs.) or a plastic surgeon (dr) or a dermatologist? Does it make that much of a difference? Should a doctor (drs) who is trained to be a cosmetic dermatology but is no dermarologist, considered to be good enough? I dont live in a country which is as big as the USA, where doctor's can build up 1000's of treatment expierences. My doc has done a couple of 100's and is 29yr old.

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Who should do fractional lasers

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In my opinion, while on the surface volume of procedures matters, there are several other things to consider when deciding on a clinic to have lasers performed. The first is gaining some understanding of the laser you are being offered, and having some insights into whether the device will suit your specific concerns, In general, Co2 lasers are the most versatile to achieve improved skin tone and texture, along with gaining tightening.


The second factor to consider is the relative training of the clinic in using the laser. In my experience, properly trained physicians will achieve great results, even as early as their first 30 cases. regardless of specialization.  To this end, it is important to inquire about certification of training on the specific device owned by the physician, and pay close attention to whether the laser training as done by the clinical trainer designated by the laser manufacturer. In the used laser market, many purchase devices without training programs that come with devices purchased directly from manufactuers.


Finally, it is important to inquire about laser maintetance. Lasers like Co2 can slowly degrade in energy with time, secondary to gas leaking or other wear and tear factors. Some devices are more robust than others. In my experience, it is important that clinics maintain their equipment with good protocols to check for issues, as well as good warranties or service agreements to have them serviced should issues arise. If the laser is not working right, it really doesn't matter what the clinicians experience is.  Hope this helps. Good luck.



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