Can I Change my Doctor with Medicare?

In 2009, I had a TT, hysterectomy, & hernia repair. I got MRSA and was on a wound vac for 2 months. What happened to me should not have happened. 5 mos. post-op after a visit, I quit going to the doctor when I seen blood, staples, and skin under the paper cover on the bed.

It's been a over a year and I still have discomfort, recently I've begun to feel a pinching near my belly button. The MRSA traumatized me and my health has gone down since then. Will another doctor see me? I have medicare.

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Can i change my doctor

infections can happen with any surgery and with any doctor. it is a complication not negligence  i hope you told the doctor about the condition of the exam room.  i am sure he would have addressed the staff  member who was supposed to clean the room and apologised to you. Another doctor will see you but they tend to shy away from patients who openly exhibit the amount of anger you are expressing.  a big complication often does not have an easy cure and doctors dont want to do surgery on people who are already angry  good luck

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Switching doctors after abdominoplasty complication

If you can find another physician willing to take over your care, Medicare permits patients to select their own doctors. Depending on the source of the problem, it may be considered cosmetic and not covered by insurance. I must also comment that it is the responsibility of patients to participate actively and appropriately in their own care. That you "quit going to the doctor" after your wound infection does not speak well of your involvement in your own care and, frankly, I would not accept a patient who permitted a situation of this kind to deteriorate. MRSA can come from many sources, including what are referred to as community based etiologies and are not always the fault of the medical community. Bacteria under acrylic nails has been implicated in this, for example.

Can I Change my Doctor with Medicare?

Medicare providers/physicians are obligated to see you, the problem may be finding one who is a plastic surgeon in your area.  Good luck in your search. 

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You may wish to obtain a consulation with a new plastic surgeon in your community.

Be advised that treatment of complications after cosmetic plastic surgery are not usually covered by insurance.  

Stephan Baker, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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