Butt Implants With No Drainage Tubes-What Did my Doctor Do Wrong and What Could the Complications Be?

I had butt implants done 4/21/11 & 1 wk after surgery my wound split WIDE OPEN.I later foundout tht my surgeon shouldve placed a drainage tube in(WHICH HE DIDNT).The fuild build up caused my wound to burst AND left one side of my implants exposed.I spent 2 weeks in the hospital before he did the so-called corrective surgery.He placed these retention stitches in my butt & i had A LOT of pain and discomfort.They had were remove 2 wks later but im still in pain, and one side is bigger than the other!

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Drains for Buttock Implants

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Although pictures would be very helpful I can tell you that drains are NOT a requirement for this surgery.  Several other factors can lead to wound dehiscence (wound splitting open) such as excessive tension from too large of implants, insufficient pocket size to fit the implants, excessive pressure on the wound (eg. sitting too much post-operatively), excessive activity post-operatively, infection (even very low grade infection), and the list goes on.  It is very possible that the problematic side is still much more swollen relative to the other side and this may resolve over time (could take 6+ months).  In the meantime continue to follow your treating surgeons recommendations.  best of luck...RAS

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Buttock Implants

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I think you posted some pictures some where.

If the implant was exposed and spending two weeks in the hospital on antibiotics. and you still have problems. Then the implants need to be removed along with the capsule. Continue treatment with  antibiotics .

Once healed and no pain or any other sympptoms. If you want the implants again then wait 6 months before you do that.

This time choose a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON (AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY) and discuss your options and risks.

Fat transfer remains the best method to enhance the buttocks, if absolutely no fat then an implant intramuscular.

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Buttocks Implant and Seromas.......

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It's impossible to know what is currently going on without seeing you in person.  You may just be swollen, or you may have a fluid collection around your implant.  You need to follow up with your plastic Surgeon.  Fluid collections around Butt Implants (called Seromas) are a very common problem and often lead to the wound opening if there isn't a drain. 

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