My Doctor Tells Me That I Have a Belly Button Trauma, How is That Treated?

He took the stitches 3 weeks after the surgery, and told me that the wound could open because of the belly button trauma, could I got an infection? I feel great but very nervous after see in him yesterday. Should I take any precautions? ,

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Belly button suture

He probably just meant that the incision is fairly fresh/new and that you are still at risk for it opening up.  In other words, continue to be careful with it and keep your activity limited (nothing strenuous yet).  I wouldn't worry very much unless you did see the wound start to separate in which case you should contact your surgeon. 

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Belly button healing after Tummy Tuck

Since you saw your surgeon recently, I am sure he/she addressed any “precautions” you should take at this time (if any). if you have any further questions regarding the aftercare of the belly button area it would behoove you to call his/her office for accurate advice given that he/she knows your situation best.

Best wishes.

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