Why Would a Doctor Take out More Than Originally Stated in a Breast Reduction?

Is it unreasonable for a doctor to take out over 1100 grams of breast tissue in each breast leaving me an A and a B. He told me I would be a large B or small C and he was going to take out around 500 to 800 grams. My breasts are completely deformed and I feel worse about myself after the surgery. I've had numerous complications. Why was he so off in the amount he took out?

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Breast Reduction and Tissue Removed?

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Thank you for the question.

The amount of tissue removed during breast reduction surgery cannot be accurately predicted preoperatively;  is likely that your surgeon gave you and estimate prior to surgery.

Assuming you are working with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon,  communicate your concerns in  a call/non accusatory fashion.  Hopefully, your surgeon will have recommendations on how to improve your outcomes.

Best wishes.

Breast reduction amount

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When consulting with patients before surgery, the volume discussed that would be removed is only an estimate.  Breasts can be more parenchymal than fat and therefore may way more.  As for the final size, you should discuss that with your surgeon.

Taking out more than originally stated in a breast reduction

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A photo would help. If you are "deformed" than I suspect you had a bad surgery or surgeon. Seek other in person opinions.

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Breast reduction guestimate on how much to remove

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The amount of tissue to be removed during a breast reduction is estimated prior to surgery, based on a surgeon's experience and his/her assesment of the breast tissue density. It is an educated guess but not set in stone.

Address your concerns with your doctor

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This is an unfortunate situation for sure and one we can't really help you with as we are not your doctors.  I would hope your doctor sit down with you, listen to your concerns, explain exactly what the discrepany is and why he did the surgery the way he did.  Your only recourse would be to heal and do an augmentation to restore some of the size.

Breast reduction Tissue Removal - How Much To Take

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Unfortunately, not seeing you prior to surgery, I cannot comment on why the amount removed was as much as it was.  That is something you will need to discuss with your surgeon.  The one thing I can say is that the amount removed is really just an estimate before surgery.  Until you get in to surgery, and see where the tissue is and where it really needs to be removed from, it is just an educated guess.  Sometimes there is alot more then appears from the outside, and sometimes there is less tissue that needs to be removed.  This happens from one breast to the other as well, and it is not uncommon to be removing alot more from one side vs the other, depending on the sizes to start out with.

A question I can't answer

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I'm sorry you are unhappy with the result.  Sometimes we either under or over estimate the amount to remove while other times it is necessary to achieve the result we plan.  Have you been back to the doctor, as this is the first step.  Tell him/her why you are unhappy and ask what can be done to fix it.  I would start there as almost all of us don't want unhappy patients and do everything we can to make them happy!  Good luck.

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