Should the Doctor Have Known What Size Chin Implant to Place on Me?

I had a chin implant and it went really bad. The size is definitely not correct and the doctor is know finally agreeing with me. Shouldn't he have known what size to place on me? I have to change it now. Should I have to pay anything for this?

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Size of chin implant determined by surgeon AND patient

The size of the implant that is placed is a mutual decision through direct dialog and communication between the surgeon and the patient. It is relatively easy to pull the old implant out and replace it with a larger or smaller one depending upon the patient’s needs, wishes, and desires. This can be done under local anesthesia. In our office, we only charge for the implant itself and replace it for free on an existing patient.

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Surgical revision

The size and projection of the chin implant, like any other implant, is based on your desires and needs, then on the measurement of your chin, and matching these desires pls the measurements to an already manufactured implant off the shelf.

There is always a margin of error. This margin of error decreases with good communication with the doctor, Choosing a board certified plastic surgeon with experience. During surgery we some times use "sizers' to determine the appropriate fit of the implant.

Every thing we do in life carries a certain amount of risk. So was your surgery and you went through surgery knowing there is a certain amount of risk, infection , bleeding, hemetome, seoma, nerve damage, muscle damage, deformity, too big, too small, displaced implant, deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary emboli, and finally death. All these are risks with any surgery .you are fully responsible for the cost of any revisional surgery, including the surgeon's fees, anesthesia, facility and implant.


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Shared responsibility for implant size choice

In most instances a patient should take an active role in the decision making process. The surgeon may select an implant that he/she feels is proper but it may not meet your aesthetic goals. Where were you during the decision making process? Did you leave this up to him/her? I think this should be a shared investment from beginning to end and you should be responsible for a portion of the procedure if you gave your consent to have the implant placed.

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