Hello Doctor How to Remove Tribal Marks?

I'm sekinat from nigeria,I realy want to know how you can help me remove d tribal marks on my face cuase this has really given me a low self esteem. I always feel very shy to face people I even use my foundation to cover the dark mark on my face pls help me out. they are like dark tattoos

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Removing Tribal Marks

Hi Sekinat,

I have removed many tribal marks from patients who are interested in getting rid of them. You absolutely need to find a physician who is comfortable working with pigment lasers, experienced in tattoo removal, and most importantly, knows how to use the precise settings that will work best for your particular skin tone. Because I haven't seen you personally (or seen a picture) I can't tell you exactly which settings I would use, how many treatments you might need, or how you'll respond, as this is determined by a very wide variety of factors such as how deep the ink was placed, how old it is, and the quality of the pigment itself. When finding a physician, make sure to thoroughly investigate how experienced they are with an Nd:Yag or similar Q-Switch Alexandrite laser. Your face is too precious an area to leave in just anyones hands.


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