Doctor Recommended Both Smartlipo and Bodytite Together. Why Both? Is This Normally Done?

I went to Belo Clinic in Manila and was recommended to have first smartlipo and then bodytite using the same cuts immediately after one another. It is for my stomach, sides and lower back. I only have a muffin top. Not overweight but do have loose skin from pregnancy. Any info on doing both vs one oranother is much appreciated!

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Combination of Smartlipo and BodyTite not typical

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Energy-assisted liposuction techniques like Smartlipo and BodyTite would normally be done exclusive of each other and not together. Combining both types of energy including laser (Smartlipo) and radiofrequency (BodyTite) in the same body area would require careful attention to the total amount of energy and temperature.

Is the surgeon planning to use the two techniques in separate areas, even though the same incisions are used? Did he give a particular reason for intending to combine the two? If used in the same area, how is an excessive dose of energy prevented to minimize risk of burns? Just a few questions I would ask to further clarify the recommendation.


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