Need a Doctor Recommendation. My 13 Year Old Son Needs Scalp Surgery to Close a Wound from a Cancer Surgery?

Silver dollar size wound is from a surgery on Jul 3 to remove a cancer tumor, which was under the scalp but outside of the skull. The plastic surgeon who performed the procedure believed there was only a single tumor to be removed (only one detected on the scans) and believed he could obtain clear margins and still sew the scalp up and have it heal. However, he found a second and more scalp was taken than planned. Son is in chemo and will also need proton radiation therapy. Who can recommend Doc

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Wound on head from cancer surgery

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I'm sorry for what you and your son are going through. The PS who performed the surgery should be able to direct you, or the cancer center who is treating your son. Also, there are many times when on the scalp, wounds are left to heal by secondary intention, meaning they close on their own. The scalp can't always be closed up depending on the size and shape of a removal. So if no one was recommended at the time of the procedure (?) I would assume the wound was left to close on its own. You should contact the original treating doctor as it's been months since the procedure and I would have no idea why now they would want you to find someone on your own to help you. This simply doesn't make sense as far as post-care would go.

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