Doctor Putting Me on 120mg Once a Week Instead of 20mg Daily Isotretinoin (Accutane)

History is I've been on three full (60-120mg daily) courses of Accutane. Dr's taking me from the 20mg daily of Accutane for the past 2 months. My last day at 20mg daily was yesterday (Th., Dec. 8, 2011). Dr stopped me until this Wed. Dr said Wed. & each Wed. after take 120mg once weekly. 120mg divided by 7 days of wk is 17.14mg. About the same as 17.14mg daily? He's doing for 1 mo. & repeat each mo. after, 100mg(14.28mg daily), 80mg(11.42mg daily). Never heard this before. Does this sound ok?

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I often have people continue on a weekly course

After patients with really bad cystic acne finish a course of Accutane, there are some that I will put on a maintenance program of types, where they take 20mg or 40mg 1x per week, just to control the acne, sebum, pores, etc. But that is after they've finished a true course of the drug. However, with that being said, I don't prescribe 120mg of Accutane daily, period. The most I will prescribe is 40mg. Seeing as you are in a similar climate to mine (Las Vegas) I will be surprised if you can tolerate that high a dose of Accutane, even just once a week. See how you tolerate it, but I'm surprised this dosage is being suggested in a climate like that.

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