Doctor Said to Place Tape Above Belly Button to Lift for 2 Weeks. Wont This Stretch It?

Had Thermage to tummy after a year after lipo. for wrinkly and loose skin. doctor advised placing a piece of tape over belly button to lift for 2 weeks to promote lift off of upper belly button, won't this pull and stretch skin and make looser when 2 weeks is up? 

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Rf treatments

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It can take several months (2-3) to see the full results of an RF treatment.  It is best to adhere to the recommendations and treatment regime your cosmetic physician has recommended for the suggested duration to see full results.

if you are feeling apprehensive, seek the consul of a plastic surgeon in your area to reassess the area and see if the recommendations he or she makes is in line with the recommendations of your current physician.  More suggestions are always better when feeling in doubt.

good luck with your treatments and results.


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