Can Any Doctor Tell Me How Should a Patient Sleep the First Night Immediately After a BBL Operation?

Can any Doctor tell me how should a patient sleep the first night immediately after a BBL operation? The doctor put me on my back, with some towels under my back to reduce the pressure on my buttocks. Is that ok for the first night or will that cut the blood supply and lead to the loss of some fat volume? The doctor said I can not be on my stomach for the first night because it might interfere with my breathing. Is this normal? If I have lost some volume because of this, how much did I lose?

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Sleep the First Night After a BBL

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I think the most comfortable position is sleeping on the sides for most patients.However what ever is most comfortable for you is the best position for you.

Sleeping Position after Brazilian Butt Lift

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My instructions to my patients is to lie in the most comfortable position that you can find. For most, that means lying on their stomach or side. Because the fat is interspersed in small amounts through out your existing fat it does not tend to migrate. I would think that even if you laid on your back it would not effect the ultimate result. The ultimate amount of take is variable from patient to patient but I have not found it related to position.

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