Doctor Said my Scar Will Drop After Abdomioplasty - is This True? (photo)

I recently underwent a circumferential abdominoplasty procedure. I'm one week post-op and I am hating the scar line. It is very low under my belly button at the front, but then rises dramatically (2-3") up and over my hip bones on the sides and stays that high over onto my back, then dives back down again toward my bum, toward the crack. My plastic surgeon said that the scar line will drop back down toward where he had marked me for the incision as the skin begins to relax. Is that true?

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Body Lift Scar

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Your scar is in the correct position and has the correct curves, indicating a well planned procedure.  It is true that there might be some downward drift, but it's already in great position.  Looking at your photographs, I would be excited if you were my patient!

Your decision to have a body lift indicates that you (should have) gave a lot of thought to unsatisfactory body contour versus much improved contour with scars.  Now is not the time to find something to worry about.  You need to heal, and do what your surgeon tells you to do to get the least conspicuous scarring.

Best of luck!

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Abdominoplasty and post op scar position

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From your photos it appears your abdominoplasty incisions were made in the appropriate  position.  Over the next several weeks, as the skin above the incision line relaxes you may note the scar line may drop an inch or so.  Please realize that at only one week after your procedure your scars have just begun to form.  The scars will probably be most notable at about six week after the surgery and it will take 6 to 12 months for the scars to remodel and fade.  Rest assured that your concerns are quite common at this stage after an abdominoplasty and you result will improve over time.  Best of luck.  

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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