Doctor Misjudged Size Twice on Breast Implants

I wanted C-D. 1st implant too small, paid an amt., 2nd implant still to small. Replacemnet will cost me full amt. hosp. and anest. I told doc. 2 times it was too small, he insisted it was fine. Why is it my responsibility for the expence of a doctors misjudgement?

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Implant size issues

There seems to be  a communication issue between you and your surgeon. This is something you should review with him and the office or go to someone else.

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Doctor Misjudged Size Twice on Breast Implants

It seems as if there was alot of miscommunication on both parts here. IT is apparent that the first surgery may have led to an unsatisfactory outcome but learning from this, you should have had the ability to agree to size PRIOR to your second procedure. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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