Need a Doctor in Marylnad with Experience with Hydrogel Complications?

I went to miami and over the course of a year had 4 sessions of "hydrogel" injections. Since then I had on both butt cheeks areas of swelling in time burst and drained on their own.I have been treated for "cellulitis" &"staph infection". One doctor performed a culture, found no bacteria growth, yet a month later the wounds are still there :( The lymph nodes on one side of my groin is really inflammed (where my waiste meets my legs), Im wondering now if i need to seek help of a plastic surgeon?

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Becoming extremely ill from hydrogel injections.

Unfortunately, there may not be any surgeons willing to help with this because of the scarring and deformity that is caused when removing it. Since it travels into the body, it is impossible to remove it all. People do not think of this part of it when they are having these dangerous substances injected into their bodies.


This is very sad that women are falling for these hydrogel injector's false promises.   Good luck with your situation.

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Buttock injections

Buttock injections are unfortunately common. Two materials are being used these days

1: Hydrogel

2: Silicone

Both materials are commercial grade bought from the hardware store. These are not sterile and have a soup of bacteria including strange bacteria like MYCOBACTERIA. These bacteria are very difficult to culture and treat.

The injected hydrogel will form granulomas with infection. The treatment is trying to remoove the foriegn material, apprprite culture, and antibiotics. This mat and will end up with major deformities of the buttocks, that will require multiple surgeries to correct and end up with multiple scars on the buttocks.

Even now with open abscesses you will have major scars if they heal without removal of the underlying granuloma and hydrogel.

The hydrogel and silicone can migrate to lymph nodes, and can cause lymph node infection that require surgery. If major lymph glands and chanels get blocked with the hydrogel or silicone you will end up with chronic swelling.

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