Looking for a Good Lip Lift Doctor in Denver, Colorado

I have been unable to find a surgeon who performs this procedure in Denver. I would prefer to find someone with a lot of experience so that I do not look worse off then before I started. My upper lip measures 2mm - so, as you can see I am a good candidate. I am willing to travel, but, would like additional info (do you use dissolvable stitches, length of travel, do I have to return, etc.) Thank you!

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Lip lift

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From your photo, your lips look great the way they are... The lip lift is a relatively simple surgery that often has less than desirable outcomes. Be certain that you really need this procedure and as you said have someone who does many of these. Sometimes fillers can lift the lips as well as Botox/Dysport placed strategically...this is a quicker , less invasive option. Good luck.

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