Doctor Injected Botox in Zygomaticus Major/minor?

I had one session of botox for bells palsy around my eye and forehead area. The second time the neurologist said that she has a little left and can inject it on my Zygomaticus major to see if it releases the very slight pull that I had in my lips. After a week my face was completely paralyzed and it is six weeks not but still cannot lift my upper lip. I have been reading a lot here and am very worried that because of my history of bells palsy would this by any means cause permanent damage

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Botox and longevity

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Cosmetic Botox injections are temporary and will last around 3 months. I would be sure to follow up with your provider so they can see what has happened, and to avoid the same issue again.

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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The effects from Botox are temporary and should last 3-4 months

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For a Botox injection gone bad, there is no need to worry about permanent side effects or paralysis.  In 3-4 months after the injection the normal movement will start to return.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Botox into lips

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Well, this is why we don't always recommend Botox in that area. What's ok for one person is too much for another. I'm sorry it happened. It's not because of your Bell's Palsy. But it will resolve over three to six months, which is how long Botox lasts.

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Botox after Bell's Palsy

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The neurologist is the last specialist who would inject Botox if he/she thought that it would be contraindicated in Bell's Palsy. Rest assured, it is temporary and it will go away. Next time, don't sign up for anything when someone says "let's see if this will help you ...".It would be better to hear "I have done this and this will help you .."

Botox used in Zygomaticus muscles

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The effect of Botox is temporary, so there should be no permanent damage to you after having had your zygomaticus muscles treated, even with your history of Bell's Palsy.  After three to six months, you should return completely to your pre-treatment state.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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