Does Anyone Know a Doctor in Orange County That Knows How to Inject Botox into the Massester Muscle?

I am looking to slim down my jawline and I was looking for a doctor in the orange county area that knows to do this procedure because I know that this procedure is not commonly done by many doctors.

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Here is a link to the board certified doctors in your area that are qualified to inject Botox:

Hopefully this helps!

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Botox into jawline

Botox is commonly injected into the jawline by many doctors - derms, plastics, would most likely have the most experience. Additionally, there are many, many skilled physicians in the Orange County and LA areas. If you look on RealSelf you can see local physicians and call them. Ask if those specific physicians have experience with Botox into the jawline, schedule a few consultations, and then select a physician you are comfortable with.

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