Why Did my Doctor Give Me a Vertical Incision on my Tummy Tuck?

I went in for a tummy tuck in October and after surgery noticed that I had a vertical incision, I have a short torso so its very noticeable when wearing a two piece, i'm quite upset and wondering why I received that incision, my doctor is not very good with giving information as to why. Thank you.

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Vertical Scar with Tummy Tuck

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We are all upset and frustrated by government officials who are non-responsive and "not good with giving information" and yet some of us repeatedly vote for these idiots year after year. When it comes to Plastic surgeons, the same paradoxical , logic defying phenomenon happens. Patients use Plastic surgeons DESPITE their being rude, patronizing, distant and uninformative. After my many years in Plastic Surgery, I STILL cannot understand it.
WHY would ANY intelligent, self-respecting woman entrust her appearance and well-being to a Plastic surgeon who is rushed, hurried, "too sexy for his shirt...", "not very good with giving information " ?  It's YOUR body! You deserve much better.
You SHOULD pick a surgeon who respects you and fully educates you and your spouse on all your options.  Plastic surgery should be a collaborative effort where your wishes are considered, based on them your surgical options are fully presented and explained by Plastic surgeon and from where he executes the plan you and the surgeon agreed upon. In my opinion, anything less than this is patronizing, hopelessly outdated and has no place in the modern practice of Plastic Surgery in a Western country.
As regards the vertical scar several explanations are applicable. A low placement of the transverse incision may make it impossible to remove the old site of the belly button, especially in cases where there is not enough loose skin. The belly button opening is then closed as a vertical scar located low on the abdomen. In other women with significant tummy skin looseness, surgeons prefer to use a vertical scar from the beginning, using a so called Fleur DE Lis Tummy Tuck. This long vertical scar is especially suited in women who lost a lot of weight and allows a significant tightening of the tummy skin without having to extend the transverse incision much farther from the hips.
Hope this helps.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Discuss your incisions with your surgeon, PRIOR to surgery. Have them draw this on you

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No one knows the answer to that question other than your surgeon and he/she is the best source for that information. IF you had too much horizontal ecess of skin, he/she may have deemed it the best possible technique to achieve maximal correction with the shortest possible scar. Hind sight is 20/20 but the best possible way to avoid this is preoperative discussion.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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