Can a Doctor Who Generally Does Anesthesia Do Twilight for Me?

I had my nose done under twilight anesthesia. It was like a breeze. I need another nosejob cos my nose is awful - It's been over a year now, btw. Anyway, I heard of this good surgeon who's done my mum's nose, but she's done it under general anesthesia and I'm certain he usually does that way (he's an ENT doctor). I'm scared of general anesthesia because of post operative vomiting and nausea (I'm deathly phobic towards puking). So can docs like him do twilight? And can we not stay overnight?

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Anesthesia choice for surgery

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First and foremost is patient safety, which is why the patient should be placed under anesthesia by a board certified physician anesthesiologist.  The problem with twilight anesthesia for nasal surgery is that there is an uncontrolled airway and patients can potentially aspirate or swallow blood down the back of their throat, which can cause many other complications.  General anesthesia is the best type of anesthesia for a rhinoplasty since there is no conscious awareness of the surgery and the airway is protected.  There is only a slight increased risk for nausea and vomiting with general anesthesia versus IV sedation.

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Anesthesia for Rhinoplasty Surgery

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The type of anesthesia, whether it be twilight or inhalation which are both forms of general anesthesia, will depend on what needs to be done with your nose. Nausea and vomiting are very rare in my rhinoplasty patients because anesthesia techniques are so goo today. I would be more concerned about the results so they are not "awful" after your revision.

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Anesthesia for Nose Surgery

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Many surgeons who provide general anesthesia also provide iv sedation.  It depends on the scope of the surgery and the surgeon's individual preferences whether it makes sense in your case. Overnight stay comes with a host of risk management issues which not every surgeon can or wants to manage. These are valid questions to ask during the consultation.

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