Doctor Recommendation in Pittsburgh for Erbium CO2 Laser

Are there any Plastic Surgeons or Dermatologists that have the Erbium CO2 laser in or near Pittsburgh, PA? I wanted to have my whole face done, and I am having trouble finding a PS or Derm that has this machine. I have already had 3 Fraxel restore tmts, but I think I need a more ablative procedure done as I am tired of wasting money on no results. I was offered the Phenol peel, but I am told that it leaves a line of demarcation? Can anyone help me? Thanks, Tammy

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Use of erbium/co2 for better results

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While I do not know who is good at this procedure in your area, I would comment on your choice of procedures. I have performed hundreds of cases of ablative resurfacing utilizing erbium, co2, or fractionated co2 ( modified pixel). I frequently counsel patients who have deep wrinkles , facial aging, brown spots,and some jowls that more aggressive laser treatments would be more helpful than the Fraxel restore - that I also perform. Of course , a consultation would be required at which we would match your needs and wants to the proper procedure(s). These procedures can be performed in a single or multiple stages. The ' downtime' and the risks are important to discuss- although unlikely. Our options will also depend upon your medical history- keloids, bleeding tendencies, etc as well as your skin type and color. I hope you have found this helpful. We sometimes get people coming in special from distant areas for these procedures

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