What if the Doctor Forgot to Put in a Plastic Splint During Rhinoplasty?

When I went to have the tubes removed from inside my nose, there was only one in the right nostril, the doctor could not find one in the left nostril. The doctor said I could have thrown up the plastic splint as I did vomit after surgery. The other possibilities were that I swallowed it or he may have forgotten to put one in. Realistically, how will ths affect my results? How concerned should I be?

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Nasal splint not present in nose following nose job

In reality there is nothing that can be done now, other than to observe the outcome. The lack of a splint on the contralateral side may have effected your surgery but this is unknown  at this time. Wait and see and continue the rapport with your surgeon who seems to have provided you with an honest assessment of the problem.

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