How Likely is It That my Doctor Will Fix the Assymetry That I Orginally Saw Him For?

7/20/11 I had Mastopexy/Aug & TT/lipo, for breast asymmetry, & loose sagging skin Pre-op right-c cup & left D-DD(did lollipop smooth mod prof submusclar R-330cc filled w360cc & L-270cc filled w300cc nurse picked 60cc diff not dr, needs approx 189 for a cup?)I requested symmetry (above all else)& use largest implants poss. Post-op I'm same size as I was before, R-C & L-DD but perky. L implant feels underfilled(sloshes & wrinkels up)Should my dr fix this & how to approach him for an ideal outcome

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Breast Revision

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You should be seeing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for this issue.  Sizing is something done in surgery and pre surgery.  You should talk with your doctor about this.  You are very soon after surgery to make any decisions about how they will look after healing.  The slosh may just be fluid around the implant from irrigation at the time of surgery.  Symmetry is a challenge as bodies are not symmetrical from the left to right. 

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Breast augmentation revision

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Based on your pictures you do have significant breast asymmetry that will likely require revisionary surgery. For example, one of the breast implants appears to be significant lower than the other. This may be corrected using an internal suture technique (capsulorrhaphy). Additional breast lifting may also be necessary to improve symmetry.

Assuming your surgeon is a well experienced for certified plastic surgeon I would continue to follow-up with him/her and to politely express your concerns and desires for improved symmetry.

Best wishes.

Asymmetry after breast surgery for asymmetry

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Photos are a little hard to evaluate.  Generally I would suggest waiting 6 months for things to fully settle and mature and then see you surgeon for evaluation of residual asymmetry. 

What should your doctor fix / expectations

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I apologize in advance but your photos and story are a little difficult for me to follow. Surgeons refer to the patients left and right and I am assuming that you are referring to breast as you look at them in the photo. I am also not sure the time difference in the more mature looking breast. The second set of photos look early on in the post op period and the 3rd set looks later I assume. However I remain confused as to what is preop and post op in these photos, so again forgive me. 

However I will make an assumption that the photos on the left are preoperative and you had significant asymmetry preoperatively. If that is the case then you have an excellent result and the problem is just that your expectations were not properly managed. The asymmetry noted in the left most photos is significant and very difficult in not impossible to achieve perfect symmetry. 

In breasts that are smaller with a higher breast fold the patient must make the choice to center the implant under the nipple and accept the fold asymmetry or to lower the implant to achieve fold symmetry and accept a higher nipple position. These are the only options if breast augmentation alone is carried out. 

you have more options if a lift is done. 

All that being said, the best way to handle this or any other issue with your physician is to just be honest. Tell him or her your concerns without anger. Most physicians will be glad to address your needs as long as you are not accusatory from the outset. 

Jay Burns, MD
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