How to Find a Doctor to Fix Necrosis After Abdominoplasty?

I have necrosis. My wound is open leaking fluid, have to change pads every couple hours is really annoying. Visit doctor who refer me to a hospital but no call back. I'm 32 days post op and I can't travel again - where do I go?

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Tummy tuck healing revision

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You should return to your doctor or go to a wound clinic at Mass General! This may occur, esp in smokers but is very rare. Once everything heals, the would closes(and this should take several weeks or so), then you need to wait months before contemplating a revision which can be done. I am offering a temporary price reduction for all cosmetic surgery including excellent financing. WAtch my video!

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Complications after surgery abroad

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It may be difficult to find a plstic surgeon willing to take on someone else's complications.  Necrosis can happen, and it's all about having the surgeon who did the case available to treat you.

You might inquire about a wound care center near you.  They are usually adept at seeing and treating a wide variety of open wounds.

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
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The REAL Downside of Medical Tourism (going elsewhere for cheaper medical care)

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I really feel for you. But having a really serious medical complication far from the surgeon you picked is THE major downside of Medical tourism and traveling elsewhere for cheaper medical care.

Death of the lower part of the Tummy Tuck skin is seen in higher frequency in smokers, diabetics, infection, tight garments and various combinations of all the above. The ONLY proper treatment is taking the patient back to the operating room and removing all the dead flesh. This may require more than one operation. Intense wound care is then required sometimes aided by placement of a wound suction device - the VAC. The treatment of the complication is usually much more expensive than the original operation.

If your surgeon has any fiends in your town, I would ask him to contact them and see if they would be willing to take over your care. I would keep your original surgeon involved in your care regardless of who else is seeing you now. If your surgeon is abroad this is obviously impossible. Alternatively, you may need to look up the local wound care center closest to you and see how they can help you. All in all a very tough situation.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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