Hello I Am Looking for a Doctor for Lower Eyelift. I Have Dark Circles Under my Eyes

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Eliminating Dark Circles with Eyelid Surgery

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As you probably know, dark circles are diffiicult to eliminate with just a procedure or injectable.  You may need plastic surgery for the best results.  Typically fat can be repositioned or removed in various areas under the eyelid to eliminate dark circles.  If you have a deep groove under your eyelids, you may need fat injection or fat grafting to give you the best results. 


The best place to start would be to contact local plastic surgeons in your area to get various options about your particular face. 

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San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Lower eyelid surgery vs Restylane

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You should go to some experienced plastic surgeons for an evaluation since you did not post a photo here.  You might need surgery and you might just need fillers to the tear trough.

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