Doctor to Use Dissolvable Stitches on the Upper Eyelids That May Remain for Weeks After Upper Eyelid Revision?

At a consultation , the doctor's office said that I will have dissolvable stitches placed to the upper eyelids for muscle retraction repair and lateral scar removal that may remain for up to 4 to 6 weeks? Has anyone heard of this? Thank You.

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The use of dissolvable sutures for the upper eyelids

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I would think that the sutures are being placed under the skin.  If sutures are placed externally on the upper eyelid skin then it possible to develop suture track cysts as well as additional scarring.  I would discuss your concerns with your physician and understand the choices that are being made.  You may some level of misunderstanding about the procedure.  

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Upper Lids

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All sutures that dissolve have a "dissolve" time frame.  Sometimes surgeons use these semi-permanent sutures to accomplish various tasks in Cosmetic Surgery.

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Doctor to Use Dissolvable Stitches on the Upper Eyelids That May Remain for Weeks After Upper Eyelid Revision?

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Dissolving sutures are commonly used for upper eyelid surgery. For the skin closure the sutures usually dissolve and fall out within one week. I suspect they're referring to sutures that are placed under the skin in the muscle or the staff member you spoke with was uninformed about what exactly the surgeon will be doing. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Dissolvable Sutures Can Take Months to Dissolve Depending on What They Are Made Of.

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Generally it is best to think of dissolvable sutures and semi-permanent sutures for the first couple of months.  For this reason, I generally remove these sutures in a week after surgery.  There are some skin eyelid sutures I intentionally leave in longer.  However, it is always better to plan on removing these type of skin sutures after surgery than expect them to disappear on their own.  The exception to this are the dissolvable sutures that are designed to rapidly break down such as fast absorbing gut and vicryl rapide.  Please call your surgeon's office and schedule a suture removal.

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