Should my Doctor Cover Rhinoplasty Revision Costs?

I had a rhinoplasty recently. though it has only been one month post-op, from talking with my doc and seeing the swelling it is clear he did not do a single thing i asked him to (remove a tiny hump) but instead created unnecessary asymmetries (right to left side of bridge) that were extremely obvious at after splint removal (and still are). If things don't even out in a year should my surgeon have to cover all revision fees since he did not do anything i asked in the first place?

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The Cost of Rhinoplasty Revision

Most importantly, it is too early to make the final judgement on your rhinoplasty result. It can take more than a year for the final result  to declare itself.

Every surgeon is different with regards to their revision policy. Most surgeons would want you to be happy with your results and will help you get the best possible result in a reasonable fashion.

It is crucial to have your revision done by someone experienced in revision rhinoplasty, and who is caring and compassinate.

Hope this helps.

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Costs of Revsion Rhinoplasty

You may be correct, but wait 6-12 months before deciding if you're satisfied with the final result. You obvious did not  talk about this pre-operatively, but we cannot answer your question because each surgeon has their own philosophy regarding revision surgery.

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Rhinoplasty Recovery At Least 6 Months

You are still very early in the healing process, so I would not get too upset yet.  It can take up to at least 6 months for everything to settle, the edema to go down, and the final result to be visualized.  Just be patient, and at 6 months, if you are still unhappy, then I would address it with your surgeon at that time.  I hope this helps.

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Rhinoplasty revision costs.

First of all you need to wait to see what the nose will look like in 1 year since it will change greatly. At that time you can discus what needs to be done and the doctor's policy about revision since each surgeon is different.

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